Military Spec Painting

ISCI also offers another option for our customers which involves finishing on machined parts. In addition to our anodizing facility we also offer on-site military spec painting. Our state of the art painting facility offers a clean and efficient solution for any prospective client interested
in military spec painting.

Personnel in this division of ISCI are experienced in the intricate processes in preparing and painting the highest quality part. The process begins with a thorough investigation of the parts received to insure the most accurate painting possible. Documentation on qualifications and
certification of paint are also kept up with stringently by this division of ISCI, with emphasis placed on timely updates from the field.

The addition of this division goes in line well with ISCI’s vision of the “one stop” shop. The more services ISCI can provide its customers on-site, the better quality and more economically priced part the customer will receive. Those two beliefs, along with prompt delivery, will always be ISCI’s main objectives in serving its ever growing customer base.