Precision Metalworking

ISCI creates precision machined parts and assemblies that require exact fit, form, and finish for companies around the world.

Our machine shop area is operated for maximum accuracy and total set-up and programming efficiency. Working areas are clean, quiet, and climate controlled – providing an atmosphere conducive to the production of intricate precision parts. Our complete precision machine shop division is well-equipped, including conventional machining and the latest CNC machining capabilities.

The quality of our precision metal working is guided by strong floor leadership and is documented by an ERP system networked throughout our operation. Additionally, we utilize document viewing software which enables us to view customer drawings and specifications. ISCI can provide real-time data on any project at any stage, from the quotation process to the shipping and billing dates.

Whether “hogging off” a fraction of an inch or “dusting off” a few ten-thousandths, we have the horsepower to deliver the precision that always meets, and more often exceeds customer specifications!